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Braves trade rumors: Julio Teheran could be popular man this summer

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Teheran is the lone pitcher in the Braves' starting rotation with more than a full year in Atlanta. Would John Coppolella trade him?

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The Braves are on the upswing of their rebuild. The big league team is really bad, but with a lot of talent starting to creep up to Atlanta, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Would the Braves trade Julio Teheran this summer? He's the lone starting pitcher to have more than a full season under his belt in Atlanta. He's probably been the club's best starter this year, even if that isn't saying a whole lot.

According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, Teheran will be a popular man this summer.

8. Julio Teheran, RHP, Braves -- His name is popping up as talent evaluators and front office people start building their lists of players they think might be available before the trade deadline. Teheran has great stuff and the Braves may continue to sell off their players as they fall deeper out of contention. President of baseball operations John Hart has done well getting maximum return for his players. Teheran should land him a haul.

We publicly heard over the winter that the Braves spoke with the Cubs and Giants about potential deals, though nothing came of it.

It's important to realize Cafardo isn't suggesting a trade is imminent, but as Coppy likes to say, the Braves are like 7/11; even if they aren't selling something, they're always open for business. I love that line.

Teheran's strong start to 2016 has calmed some nerves in the front office. His 3.48 ERA and 3.85 FIP are right in line with his career averages. His velocity is down a tick, though it may be attributed to cold weather in his first three or four starts. His strikeouts are up and his walks are down from 2015. It's still early, but there's plenty to like so far.

Should the Braves trade Teheran? It depends on the return. The club can't bank on all of their pitching prospects panning out, and Teheran is a proven commodity with an excellent contract. However, if a team is willing to unload a Shelby Miller-like return (or something slightly less because no team is as dumb as the Diamondbacks are), then Coppolella would be hard pressed not to pull the trigger.