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How frustrated are you with the Braves?

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Come vote in our poll.

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As a Braves fan, how do you feel about the current state of the organization as a whole? This includes but is not limited to: the big league club, the farm system, the front office, the upcoming draft, the July 2nd international free agency period, the new stadium, and so on.

A "1" means you have no real issues with the Braves and the rebuild. A "10" means you're about to boycott the team and think everyone with any influence in the organization should be fired.

I'm probably at a 3.5. Call it a 3 for polling purposes. Yeah, the big league Braves suck. They were expected to suck as part of the rebuild, and they've played the toughest schedule in MLB. The farm system is stacked and about to add a ton of young talent between the No. 3 pick, a handful of top-100 selections, and big spending on the IFA market. Think things are good now on the farm now? Just wait. Atlanta should have some money to spend on the free agent market, too. I'm confident the club fires Fredi Gonzalez at the right time; there's no urgent need to do so, but it's coming. I hope.

How do you feel about the Braves? Again, a "1" is perfectly content and a "10" means you want to jump off a bridge. Be sure to vote below.