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FanPost Friday: More Fredi talk, prospects, scouting, and the schedule

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If you want more speculation about Fredi Gonzalez's job security, then our FanPost section is the place to be right now.

Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Welcome to another lovely edition of FanPost Friday, which is our effort to put what our readers are writing into the spotlight. There's been plenty of activity over in the FanPost section as of late, which is awesome.

Before we hop into this week's highlights, I'd like to bring up this post from last week that came from Aaron Blair's dad. If you haven't read it yet, then I suggest that you do so -- it's a great inside look at what it's like to see one of your close family members get the call to the big time. Again, if you missed it then now's your chance to catch up on it.

So, without further ado, let's get into some of the interesting FanPosts that have come up as of late:

The Fredi Gonzalez Dichotomy

Fredi Gonzalez's job security has been a hot topic this week, so naturally you all wanted to talk about it. Jackgray64 took a pretty deep dive with his thoughts on the matter as he tried to look at the situation from both sides: The idea that Fredi is being fired as a scapegoat for 2016, and the idea that this is a just move after years of baseball transgressions.

When will we see prospects like Swanson, Albies, and Ruiz?

The light at the end of this rebuilding tunnel is getting closer and closer, as infielders like Ozzie Albies, Dansby Swanson, and Rio Ruiz are currently rising up the minor league ladder. Braves95 figured that we might see one of these guys in 2016, but with the way that they're looking in the minors and the way that some current Braves infielders are underachieving -- even with extremely low expectations -- we could very well see all three make their major league debut at some point this year.

A look at the talent level of the major league team

Thanks to Fangraphs' scouting tool, Bill Dennis decided to use that to scout the Braves' current major league talent level. Predictably, it's pretty ugly and goes a long way towards explaining why the Braves are where they're at right now in the standings.

Will the Braves schedule get any easier?

While the Braves had to deal with an extremely tough start to the season, it's probably not going to get much easier. They won't be dealing with a murderer's row per se, but things will still be difficult for Atlanta when it comes to the schedule. User wesleykem did the math, and it's ugly math.

If you want to check out more FanPosts, then go ahead and visit the section once you're done reading this. There's plenty to read, so you'll be there for a while. You could also contribute to the section yourself if you want. That's always nice, and there's always the chance that your post could be featured in this space. So, if you've got an interesting idea concerning the Braves or you just feel like venting, then let that idea loose.