Braves schedule has very few opponents with current losing record

Braves have not played a single team who currently has a losing record through May 4th games. They also only play 38 games with teams with a current losing record, an amazing 23%!

Every team in their division has a winning record and they only play 4 inter-league games with losing record opponent, the Twins. The Cubs have the best record in National League but the next 4 best records all belong to Braves division opponents.

Losing Record Team Games
Cardinals 6
Cubs 6
Dodgers 6
Giants 7
Indians 3
Marlins 19
Mets 19
Nationals 19
Phillies 19
Pirates 7
Red Sox 4
Royals 3
Tigers 3
White Sox 3
N Total 124
Brewers 7
D-backs 7
Padres 6
Reds 7
Rockies 7
Twins 4
Y Total 38
Grand Total 162

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