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FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Picks: May 31

Memorial Day is behind us, but baseball persists. It's FanDuel time.

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The Atlanta Braves are scorching hot (by their standards), and all is right with the world. Now, we capitalize... or something.

SB Nation and FanDuel continue to partner on daily fantasy baseball, and we will bring you regularly scheduled lineup recommendations throughout the 2016 season. On this fine Tuesday, we will be looking at the evening "main" slate and attempting to unearth some winners.

Editor's Note: New players win cash in their first league or get their entry fee refunded! Offered in partnership with FanDuel.

Let's go.

Note: This lineup would be used in today's main 7:05 pm ET contest.

P - Jose Fernandez ($11,100)

C - Tony Wolters ($2,800)

1B - Joey Votto ($3,800)

2B - Kolten Wong ($2,200)

3B - Matt Carpenter ($3,500)

SS - Eduardo Nunez ($3,400)

OF - Gerardo Parra ($3,300)

OF - Corey Dickerson ($2,600)

OF - Alex Presley ($2,300)

Spending big on pitching has its pitfalls. Fernandez is, by all accounts, awesome but he'll need to be elite for me to generate funds here. Let's hope that happens.

In the lineup, I'm banking on Coors Field magic, with Votto, Parra and Wolters all able to take advantage of platoon split advantages. At any rate, I'm in the tank for Joey Votto and that will never change.

To round things out, I absolutely love the Cardinals left-handed bats against the great Wily Peralta (and his 6.62 ERA) with a juicy platoon match-up with Dickerson at his low cost. Throw in a couple of "punt" plays with Nunez (in a good circumstance against a bad lefty) and Presley and pray for prosperity.

Best of luck.