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Braves MLB Draft (and anything else really) Q&A with Eric Cole

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Today, our own Eric Cole will be doing a Q&A on the MLB Draft and any other Braves' prospect related topics

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Its getting closer and closer to that magical time of the year where we will see who will join the ranks of the Braves' minor league system in 2016 and who we can start penciling in to lineups in 2020 (or so). The MLB Draft is not like the NBA or NFL drafts since you can't trade most picks and the players are often at least a couple years away from debuting so its hard for fans to get very invested in the draft. However, the Braves having a high pick (3rd overall) combined with the amazing amount of interest in Braves' prospects this season has made the draft a hot topic among Braves' fans.

Towards the beginning of May, I put together this primer on the draft which has a lot of the general information regarding the Braves and the draft, but now lets talk about nitty gritty. Post any questions you have about the draft (or any Braves' prospect questions really) in the comments below and I will do my best to answer them. From your favorite draft prospects to draft strategy to whatever, lets talk about the draft on this fine Memorial Day!