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Erick Aybar to the DL with right foot contusion

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Erick Aybar's luck just keeps getting worse and worse as he is now headed to the DL

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Erick Aybar hasn't exactly endeared himself to Braves fans with his play this year. He has been among the worst offensive and defensive players in the league, but it was hard to not feel for the guy last night.

With an awful first couple of months to the season firmly in his rear view mirror and a kinda funny but really scary health scare involving a chicken bone in his throat, it would be hard to get any worse for Aybar, but it did.

The contusion occurred when Aybar was hit by a pitch from Miami pitch Adam Conley on the inside of his right foot. After staying on the ground for a bit, he trying to stay in the game but after being on the bases for a bit he was taken out and replaced with Daniel Castro.

No word yet on call-ups to replace him on the roster, but with the struggles of the bullpen its possible if not likely that an extra-pitcher will be in tow for a little while. There is also basically no chance Ozzie Albies or Dansby Swanson is called up....sorry everyone.