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FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Picks: May 26

Cheap pitching and an All-Star lineup. What could go wrong?

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Update: The original post listed Tony Wolters at catcher. He is out of the lineup, and has been replaced by Tyler Flowers at the same price.


Thursday's evening baseball slate isn't exactly jam-packed, with a handful of teams playing in the afternoon and others taking the day off entirely. Still, the Atlanta Braves are in action and, if you want external interest, there is fantasy baseball to be played.

SB Nation and FanDuel continue to partner on daily fantasy baseball, and we will bring you regularly scheduled lineup recommendations throughout the 2016 season. Today is no different, and we will be tackling the evening's "main" slate.

Editor's Note: New players win cash in their first league or get their entry fee refunded! Offered in partnership with FanDuel.

Best of luck out there.

Note: This lineup would be used in today's 7:05 pm ET "main" contest.

P - Matt Wisler ($6,500)

C - Tyler Flowers ($2,400)

1B - Freddie Freeman ($3,100)

2B - Jose Altuve ($4,100)

3B - Todd Frazier ($3,700)

SS - Manny Machado ($4,000)

OF - Chris Young ($2,700)

OF - Charlie Blackmon ($4,100)

OF - Bryce Harper ($4,000)

Pretty good lineup, huh?

Because I spent very little on starting pitching (we'll come back to this), there is plenty to go around in the lineup, and each member of my squad has a very nice match-up. Harper and Blackmon have potentially juicy platoon splits, and Boston's opponent, Colorado's Jon Gray, isn't exactly prime Pedro Martinez, allowing Young to enjoy his evening on the cheap.

Elsewhere, Freddie Freeman is the lone bat in Atlanta's lineup that I would pay up for in a nice spot against Wily Peralta, simply because of his upside. Frazier has a platoon advantages as an upper-tier option, and we round things out with "staple" plays of Machado and Altuve, along with a punt play with Wolters that could present some explosive potential.

Of course, the ability to spend on all of these studs is facilitated with Wisler. To be fair, there isn't a single "star" available in the evening slate, with Kevin Gausman and Lance McCullers occupying the highest price slots, and Wisler has pitched so well recently that it isn't biased to suggest he could be good here. Throw in the fact that Milwaukee's lineup isn't scaring anyone and I'm in love.

Let's do this together.