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Atlanta Braves news and links: Shae Simmons' return is imminent

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Shae Simmons is finally getting close to making his return to the major leagues. The bullpen could definitely use his help.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Atlanta Braves Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images


Julio Teheran has a great start but offense sputters against Brewers

Julio Teheran's latest start for the Braves was one of his most impressive of the season so far, as he went 7.2 innings, struck out 12, only gave up three hits, and didn't walk anybody while only giving up one run on a Ryan Braun solo homer. It was a great performance, which was matched on the opposite side of the spectrum by a bad offensive performance. The Braves were only able to muster up one run, and the Brewers scored a run off of Bud Norris in the eighth inning and that was enough for them to win.

Braves basically bought draft pick from Orioles

Back on Monday, the Braves struck a deal with the Orioles to basically eat Brian Matusz's contract in order to obtain the 76th overall pick in the upcoming MLB Draft. We already noted that it was a smart move, and Fangraphs went into detail about the Braves' latest acquisition.

This is exactly how a rebuilding team should be spending its money during non-winning seasons. The Braves have taken a lot of heat for not putting a quality product on the field this year, but the organization is better off long-term if they spend $3 million to buy a better quality prospect in the upcoming draft than if they had spent $3 million to have a slightly better placeholder in their rotation this year. The return on investment is simply higher by spending on the draft, and this trade helps the Braves take some of their current payroll space and turn it into value that could produce when the team is ready to win, or at least provide some currency to acquire future pieces that could help the team down the road.

Shae Simmons could be back by early June

The Braves' major league squad can always use some help, and they'll get some bullpen help once Shae Simmons finally makes his return from injury. He's currently making rehab appearances for the G-Braves, and the hope is that he'll be on the big league team in the next couple of weeks.

Dansby Swanson wants to stay focused despite hype

Meanwhile in Mississippi, the hype surrounding Dansby Swanson is growing louder and louder with each passing day. There's been plenty of speculation about Swanson possibly making a major league debut in 2016, and the fans in Mississippi have actually been hounding Swanson for his autograph on a regular basis since his promotion. However, he's staying focused and trying to make sure that he gets better.

Scouts rave about Swanson's feel for the game and his leadership potential. He also has a very advanced approach at the plate. In 65 regular-season Minor League games through May 22, he had 39 walks to 36 strikeouts.

"His strike zone adjustment is outstanding," said Jonathan Schuerholz, the Braves' assistant director of player development. "He doesn't change his approach. He believes in what he's doing and knows what he has to do to get to the big leagues."


Jackie Bradley Jr. keeps his hitting streak going as Red Sox beat Rockies

The Red Sox beat the Rockies 8-3 last night, but the big story is the fact that Jackie Bradley Jr. now has a 28-game hitting streak. It's one of the longest hitting streaks in recent Red Sox history, and he's seven games away from passing Dom DiMaggio for the longest hitting streak in franchise history. Also, he's now the 44th player to get halfway to Joe DiMaggio's legendary record, but who's counting?

Chris Sale suffers first loss of the season at the hands of Cleveland

Going into Tuesday night's game against Cleveland, Chris Sale had a perfect record and had been pitching gems all season for the Chicago White Sox. That streak came to a screeching halt as he only lasted 3.1 innings against Cleveland and suffered his first loss of the season. As badly as he pitched, he still managed to strike out seven during those 3.1 innings. He also gave up six runs in that span, which explains why his outing was so short and why Cleveland cruised to victory.