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Braves make flurry of roster moves, send Gant, Jace down and call up Brignac, d'Arnaud

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Apparently the Braves took the safe route today and called up a lot of bench reinforcements while sending down some players that have struggled this season.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Well, no one can say that Coppy and co. aren't willing to shake things up to make the team better this year.

With the botched call-up of Emilio Bonifacio yesterday, it was expected that there would be at least one roster move to bring up position player in addition to the announced debut of Mike Foltynewicz today. The Braves had to play a man down yesterday as a result of the Bonifacio move and apparently they are not taking any chances today.

Here is the abbreviated version of who was sent down. Stubbs has been mostly terrible this season while striking out in half of his at-bats. Jace Peterson has slashed .182/.260/.205 and could use some time in the minors to improve against lefties and get his confidence back, and Gant was likely optioned given that the Braves have been carrying an additional pitcher for a while and are in desperate need of bench/offensive help.

As for the newcomers, all three are veteran/journeymen types who have been performing reasonably well down in Gwinnett. Friend of the blog and all-around good guy Grant McAuley broke it down very well on the Twitters.

Lets be clear, none of these players are going to light the world on fire, but it does show the Braves are at least willing to make moves to jump start what has been an anemic offense to start the year. This should also lessen the blow that the Braves feel against lefties with Tuiasosopo and d'Arnaud both being righties off the bench and Tuiasosopo possessing some pop in particular.

These moves are likely not to last long as both Ender Inciarte and Gordon Beckham should not be on the DL for too much longer, barring any setbacks, so expect the roster shuffle to continue in the near future.