Swanson, Albies and Ruiz promotion timelines

When do the Braves end up promoting these guys, and will the horrible start force their hand?

We all knew this was a throwaway season long before spring training started, but for me this has been even more painful to watch than I could have expected. Sans Nick Markakis and Freddie Freeman, the other names in the lineup have a AAAA feel to them. Adonis Garcia provides some offense, but he's terrible in the field. Daniel Castro is a very good defender, but he doesn't hit enough to be an everyday player. Mallex Smith has shown some flashes, but like all young players he has shown inconsistencies.

My question is this: if the Braves continue to play terrible, does management end up bringing up some of the young bats earlier than expected? Obviously there is upside to delaying the promotions until 2017 (extra year of team control), but should the Braves bring these guys up midseason so they have a clearer picture of what to expect from them in 2017? On top of that, the Braves are near the bottom of the NL in attendance. Will this have an effect on Coppy's decision?

I have to admit, it would be fun to see Dansby Swanson, Ozzie Albies and Rio Ruiz getting everyday AB's instead of Castro, Jace Peterson and Erick Aybar. The Braves could go with the three young guys and Freeman on the infield, and then Adonis (or Mallex), Ender Inciarte and Markakis (until tread deadline) in the outfield.

I entered the season expecting maybe one of Swanson, Albies or Ruiz joining the big club at some point, but now I get the feeling we may see all three at some point this year.

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