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Talking Chop Podcast Episode 13: Matt Wisler and Mike Foltynewicz finding success

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Brad and Carlos are back after a weeklong hiatus to discuss everything going on in Braves country.

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On the 13th episode of the Talking Chop Podcast, Brad and myself tackle a multitude of different topics, starting off with the Rougned Odor's little exchange with Jose Bautista.

While we tend to focus exclusively on the Braves here (duh), we had a fun little exercise where Brad and I debated who would land the best punch of the players on the active roster. We're curious to hear what you think on this pressing matter as well.

After that, we launched into some more serious Braves talk, starting off with the recent successes of Matt Wisler and Mike Foltynewicz. We then debate what the ideal outfield alignment should be given the trio of Ender Inciarte, Mallex Smith and Nick Markakis before proceeding to talk about how Freddie Freeman has been tearing the cover off the ball.

Finally, we address the struggles of Ozzie Albies in Gwinnett and wonder whether or not there is reason for concern with him before answering another handful of your questions from Twitter.

As always, you can access the podcast via the iTunes Store and our SoundCloud page here.