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MLB Weekly Wrap: How impressive is 20 Ks?

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Max Scherzer became just the fifth pitcher to punch out that many batters in a game

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It's not often that any player in pro sports lives up to a massive contract.

But at seven years, $210 million, Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer might be underpaid.

He has been phenomenal since signing that huge contract, and made things look easy again on Wednesday night, as he became just the fifth pitcher in a major league game to strike out 20 hitters in a single game. He joined Roger Clemens (twice), Randy Johnson, and Kerry Wood as the only other pitchers to ever do that.

Which brings up a question:

How impressive is that?

Seriously, where does it rank among the most eye-popping things a pitcher can do?

I heard a radio host say earlier this week that it was the single most impressive feat a pitcher could achieve in a single game, and made his argument based on the fact that so few pitchers have done it before. The perfect game is the usually accepted standard for that, but it has been accomplished 23 times before.

The counter would be that, although he did strike out 20, he did allow two home runs.

What do you guys think? Where does it rank among the most impressive things a pitcher can do?