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FanPost Friday: Teheran, Tyrell, and Tanking.

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This week's FanPost Friday takes a look at Julio Teheran trade talks, Tyrell Jenkins' future in the bigs, and draft speculation.

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

It's a day that starts with "F" and ends in "Y," which means only one thing: It's Friday -- FanPost Friday, to be exact! It's time to take a look at what you all have been talking about in our FanPost section and highlight the most interesting points of conversation. So let's not waste any more time and get right into it.

Who are the best fits for the Braves' #3 overall draft pick?

One of the nicest things to talk about when it comes to the Braves right now is the future, and the 2016 MLB Draft is only a month away, folks. As such, it's time to start taking a serious look at who the Braves could possibly choose to draft with that lofty draft pick, and Collin Huguley had three names in mind.

Does tanking really work?

The Braves are currently on pace to be historically bad, but this could all be part of a master plan of tanking. While the Cubs and Astros eventually benefited from tanking, it's not a sure path to success.

At the major league level, will Tyrell Jenkins be a starter or reliever?

However, if minor league prospects like Tyrell Jenkins can pan out, then the losing could potentially be worth it. Jenkins is currently honing his craft at the AAA level, and could be making a major league appearance later this season. However, that begs this question from Braves95: Will Jenkins make it as a starter in the bigs, or is he destined to be utilized as a bullpen option?

With Jenkins currently knocking on the door in Atlanta (2.76 ERA through 6 starts with Gwinnett entering Thursday), we have to wonder what to expect when he finally gets the call. Jenkins continues to give up few runs by forcing weak contact, but what kind of contact will it be when he's facing actual major league hitters? If Jenkins can't improve his command enough to get a few more whiffs and a few less walks, he may be in the bullpen instead of the starting rotation.

Should the Braves really trade Teheran?

Julio Teheran may end up being a popular man once the trade deadline approaches. The Braves have shown that they are not afraid to deal anybody on the roster if they get the right call, and Teheran could be a major trade chip for the Braves if it comes to that. However, RW4079 argues that the Braves really should consider holding on to Teheran, lest they become an Oakland A's-esque "farm team-to-the contenders"-type team.

So, my question is, why wouldn't we use these "assets" in a trade as opposed to Teheran? If these guys reach their ceilings, which is to be pretty much what Teheran is right now, it is highly unlikely that they are signed to as team friendly of a deal as Teheran was. So if we trade Teheran we will be costing ourselves more for the same pitcher in the future. We will also be stuck hoping these guys develop into..... what we already have. What is the point in doing that for as many as three rotation spots when you can guarantee that you already have that locked in at one of those spots?

That'll do it for the highlights of this week's FanPost action. Again, if you want to get in on this, then nobody's stopping you from posting your extended thoughts in the FanPost section. Hopefully you enjoy your Friday the 13th, and I hope that you avoid any and all black cats on this lovely day.