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Ender Inciarte made Carlos Ruiz look silly with a great fake for a double play

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Ender Inciarte gave Braves fans something to cheer for as he used a little trickery to get a double play.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Braves fans, other than those who follow the minor leagues anyways, have have decidedly little to cheer for of late. The team has been racking up losses at an alarming rate and many nights the games have been almost unbearable to watch.

This was particularly true when the Braves were trotting out Adonis Garcia in to left field and third base as well as basically any time Erick Aybar has been in the field. The team was off to a historically bad start defensively, but Mallex Smith coming up and the Braves moving on from the Adonis Garcia experiment helped stop the bleeding a bit.

However, notably absent was Ender Inciarte who was renowned for his defense and was expected to contribute at the very least with his glove and arm. However, no one expected that he was also going to employ Oscar-worthy acting that even fooled the rest of the Braves outfield to nail baserunners. However, thats exactly what happened to poor Carlos Ruiz on Tuesday.

See how he sells it with the hands held hopelessly out to the side, feigning having lost the ball the sun and he even nailed the confused look on his face. Then, he snatched the ball out of the air and fired it to first and, if you are not aware, Carlos Ruiz isn't known for his lightning fast reflexes on the basepaths. It was a brilliant case of deception, awareness of the runners on base, and a great arm.

You'll notice when you watch the longer video version that Inciarte had even the Braves outfielders fooled and Freddie Freeman was not ready for the fake, but luckily he got back to the bag to record the double play. Ender seems to really have a knack for stealing outs with heads up plays. Here's hoping we get to see more of them.