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FanPost Friday: Bold predictions, draft targets, and keeping an eye on former Braves

The return of baseball has got a lot of you excited, and that's reflected by the fact that business is currently booming over in the FanPost section.

Washington Nationals v Atlanta Braves Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

It's Friday, so you know what time it is -- it's FanPost Friday time! Things have been pretty busy in our FanPost section this week, and I think it's probably due to the fact that actual, real-life, 100% for real baseball is finally being played. The regular season is underway, which means that there's plenty to talk about, even though the Braves have only played two games and the minor leagues only got underway yesterday. Still, the excitement is palpable, as evidenced by what we have on top for our featured FanPosts this week.

Five bold predictions: 2016 Edition

Last year, BravesRays challenged the community to come up with five bold predictions for the 2015 season, and he's doing the same for this season as well. This was also a good time to check on the best and worst bold predictions from 2015, so if you want to see who was looking like Nostradamus and who was looking like the King of Wrongville, then go ahead and check this out. Also, if you haven't shared your five boldest predictions about the 2016 Braves, the go ahead and do so.

Whitey_83 "barely cares" about the 2016 Braves

While some of us in Braves Country are pretty excited about the return of baseball, it's honestly understandable to see that some of you aren't exactly enthused for baseball returning. Yeah, baseball is fun, but it's better when your favorite team is winning, and the Braves probably won't be doing too much winning this season. As such, whitey_83 has decided to expound on why he's not too hype about the season, but he did admit that he's willing to be patient as the rebuild rolls on. It's all about the pot at the end of the rainbow, and that pot is full of prospects and terribly unhealthy baseball food.

Ben Huber keeps us posted on potential draft targets

You've always got to keep a keen eye on the draft -- especially when you consider that the Braves are going to have one of the top picks in the draft. Ben Huber's been keeping track of potential draftees for the Braves, so if you want to see how they've been faring for their current teams then this is the FanPost for you.

Where are former Braves in 2016?

So, what is Jose Peraza up to these days? Is Tommy La Stella still hanging around with the Cubs? Is Tyler Pastornicky still in baseball? All of these questions are going to be addressed by Braves95 as he tries to figure out where notable Braves players/prospects from yesteryear are playing in 2016.

Again, this is just a snippet of what our FanPost section had to offer this week. Things are heating up with the return of baseball, so we'll probably see even more from you guys as the season progresses. If you want to join in, then you're more than welcome to do so, and if there's anything that you think I missed, let us know!