"The Heartbreaker" a new menu item at Turner Field

TV spot for new menu item at Turner Field

Hyped Male Commercial Voice: Have you tried The Heartbreaker? The latest foodvention from folks at Delaware North will have you asking the age-old question: "what came first, the tears or the diarrhea?" Braves fans will love the chargrilled 40 oz. angus beef patty topped with pork belly, fatback, and three other meats of unverifiable origin. In addition, each Heartbreaker contains an entire wheel of gouda cheese sprinkled with lettuce, slices of tomato, and homemade Copenhagen dipspit-infused mayonnaise.

Excited Female Customer: Wow! That sounds borderline dangerous!

Hyped Male Commercial Voice: It is! But that’s not all! All Heartbreaker’s ingredients are handpicked by Turner Field staff to ensure that they spoil by the late-innings of the game!

Excited Female Customer: Why?

Hyped Male Commercial Voice: So your meal will replicate the experience of watching the game, stupid!

Jingle that ends the commercial: Nothing goes with Braves baseball like bitterness and botulism!

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