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Braves Off-Day Thread: Braves Baseball is Back!

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After one game, the Braves have an off day already. Come hang out with us and let us enjoy the fact that baseball is back.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, Opening Day has come and gone and it was certainly a mixed bag. There were a lot of positives including most of Teheran's performance, most of the bullpen, and the Braves hitting a couple of bombs in the first game of the season (a feat that they only managed 11 times last year). We also saw Frenchy draw a walk and Inciarte get a hit off of a lefty and despite the fact that the defense and Grilli faltered in the end, there is a lot of good things to draw from about the club for the coming year.

So on this, the first off-day of the year, come hang out with us and let us know what you are looking forward to this season or whats on your mind now that the first official game is in the books. For your viewing pleasure, we are going to include a couple of highlights from Opening Day 2016.