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Rumor has it that Ozhaino Albies is headed to AAA according to his agent

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Sportsmeter (the agency that represents Albies) sent out a tweet early this morning indicating that star shortstop prospect has been promoted to AAA Gwinnett. This is an aggressive move that will set off a chain of moves in the system.

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In a tweet earlier this morning, the sports agency Sportsmeter broke that Ozhaino Albies has been promoted to AAA Gwinnett.

Its important to note that we have yet to see an official announcement of any roster moves in the minors nor have media outlets carried the news yet. That being said, this is Ozzie's agency and it would be weird for them to tweet such a thing out without real cause.

Albies was already a full year younger than any other player in AA, and a move up a level has him against peers even more his senior. He will be 7.4 years younger than the league average age in the International League. Albies has always been amongst the youngest players in the league at the level he has played, but has risen to the challenge in his early career.

This will be an aggressive push for such a young player who many questioned the readiness for AA coming into the season. As early as it is in the season it is strange to see a move like this, but it makes you think the Braves expect he is currently major league ready and have him close should a player go down with injury.

Ozzie has made waves for his natural hitting ability which has allowed him to hit .333 in his minor league career. He is also a patient player and has a .400 OBP. Albies is a true table-setter talent that should be a lead off candidate in the near future, as well as a potential defensive star at the shortstop position. Albies has a .952 OPS with AA Mississippi, and leads all of AA in hits with 31. He also has the highest Isolated power number of his career.

This makes almost certain that we will not see Albies and Dansby Swanson playing in the same infield for a long time this year, as Swanson is a full 2 levels away from Albies. The Braves seem to want to let them both play SS until one of the two plays their way out of the position and this promotion allows both to stay at shortstop for now. While it seems likely that Johan Camargo will slide over to shortstop in AA for the moment, it is doubtless that Swanson is soon to follow being called up. He has also proven a readiness for the next level.