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John Gant recalled from Gwinnett, Ryan Weber optioned to AAA

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Looks like the Braves liked the improvement they say from John Gant and as for Weber...well....

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When John Gant the Opening Day roster for the Braves, his days felt numbered from the beginning. He had never really served as a bullpen arm in the minors and seemed to make the roster as an extra bullpen guy simply because the Braves hadn't "officially" added Jhoulys Chacin as the 5th man in the rotation. His stay in Atlanta was short with just 3 appearances in which he gave up 4 runs in 3 innings before being sent to Gwinnett.

His time in Gwinnett was spent stretching back out towards being a starter again, but it appears as though the current emergency starter/swingman/long reliever for the Braves has underperformed enough for the Braves to take another look at Gant and his funky delivery in the majors in 2016.

Despite being highly touted by at least one scouting outlet as a prospect (who shall remain nameless), Ryan Weber has struggled this season in Atlanta. He currently sports a 10.57 ERA and has more earned runs (9) than strikeouts (8). to go along with twice as many hits (15) as innings pitched (7.2).

Gant has 3.68 ERA at Gwinnett this season and will hope to be at least as successful in the majors while Weber will hope to return to the form he found in AAA last season where he had a 2.21 ERA.