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April 19: Dodgers at Braves Game Thread

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Alex Wood returns to Atlanta to take on Williams Perez and the Braves. In case you missed it, Julio Teheran is taking a sick day and has been pushed back to tomorrow's start.

Nick Markakis: Baseball Vigilante
Nick Markakis: Baseball Vigilante
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Come join the Talking Chop commentariat as we watch Alex Wood return to Atlanta for the first time since one of the most controversial trades in recent history.

Will Wood take steps to regaining the form that made him so successful in Atlanta? Will Williams Perez finally make it through five innings of work, even though he's working on short rest? Will Nick Markakis continue to punish baseballs like he was a sports version of Frank Castle? Find out, tonight at 7:10 PM EDT.

Lineups below - Jeff Francoeur continues to demonstrate the kind of witchcraft that has seen him inserted into the starting lineup for some reason.

Does anyone else find it weird that the Dodgers are playing Howie Kendrick in left field, or just me? I feel like I'd rather give the playing time in LF to pretty much any of their other options (maybe not Carl Crawford) and see if their upside can be legitimately realized. Kike Hernandez, Scott Van Slyke, and Trayce Thompson have all proven capable of putting up good numbers in fairly small samples, I think it would be worth investigating that further given that Kendrick's probably not going to give you more than a couple of wins at this point.