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Talking Chop Podcast Episode 10: The Braves may never lose again

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Carlos and Brad weigh in on Atlanta's recent winning streak, and Scott joins the madness.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Talking Chop Podcast has reached its tenth episode, and we "celebrated" by taking a look at the recent winning streak from the Atlanta Braves. This week's episode features our own Scott Coleman in addition to the regular hosts in myself and Carlos Collazo, and it also includes various questions from some of our readers.

The greatness of Nick Markakis (and his potential trade value) and Atlanta's sweep over the Miami Marlins are the two overarching positive topics that we address, and on the negative side, Fredi Gonzalez's bullpen management, the struggles of Erick Aybar and A.J. Pierzynski and Julio Teheran's early woes are included.

It is always good to talk about baseball when the team, ya know, wins some baseball games, and this episode does just that. Be sure to subscribe to our feeds on iTunes and SoundCloud to get the episodes quickly and directly on your listening device. Now, here's the pod: