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FanPost Friday: Roster talk, prospect talk, and Andruw Jones talk

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We don't have any wins to talk about, so we may as well talk about anything and everything else -- including Andruw Jones!

MLB: Spring Training-Pittsburgh Pirates at Atlanta Braves Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

I was hoping that by this point in the season, we'd be having FanPost Friday with at least a victory or two to talk about. Instead, we're nearly two full weeks into the 2016 campaign and the Braves don't have a single win yet. Low expectations or not, that's a bummer -- there's no way around it.

With that being said, that still hasn't stopped you guys from talking about it over in the FanPost section. Granted, there's been a lot of venting, and that's understandable since losing sucks. But, there's still been some productive stuff and interesting info being shared, so let's take a look at what's been going on this week when it comes to FanPosts.

How would you fix the Braves' roster in the future?

This is a rosterbation thread, which means that most of the action is in the comments section rather than the actual post itself. Still, there's plenty of interesting ideas on display here, and if you've got ideas about how to improve the Braves -- and I'm sure that you do -- then this is the place for you.

Weekly draft update

Ben Huber's back again with his weekly update of potential draft picks that you should look out for. Outfielder Kyle Lewis in particular has been lighting it up for Mercer, as Ben makes sure to note.

RW4079 wants the Braves to play the kids

The Braves have already shot down all hope that we had of there being a magical surprise season of success, and now we're probably going to get the long, arduous season that we expected. However, RW4079 still thinks that there's a chance that things could be interesting this season, and that's if the Braves give their top prospects a taste of the big time this year.

Here's my definition of a successful 2016. We see Mallex Smith for at least four months: yes, keeping in mind Super 2 and seasoning in AAA. Sometime in June or July we see either Swanson or Albies break in and replace Aybar. The other comes up around August and replaces Peterson. At some point around July we see Rio Ruiz to replace Adonis Garcia. In the rotation we see Aaron Blair replace one of the three of Chacin/Norris/Perez. After a great month in AA and some time in AAA, Newcomb comes up in June/July to replace another of the three. And after a similar path as Newcomb, Lucas Sims comes up around August to replace the other.

Andruw Jones makes appearance on Dutch TV recently shared with us something that I'm sure we'll all appreciate: Video of Andruw Jones! It's not a vintage highlight reel or anything like that, but it's actually a present-day interview that he did for a Dutch TV station. If you want to see what the Braves legend has been up to lately, then go right ahead and check this out.

Hopefully by this time next week, we'll have a win or two to talk about. I'll be happy with just one win at this point. If they're still winless by this time next week then I shudder to think about what this section will look like by then. So please, Braves -- get a win between now and next FanPost Friday. Please.