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FanDuel and SB Nation are partnering for another MLB season

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Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

For the third consecutive season, SB Nation (including our site) and FanDuel are partnering to bring fans a fantastic option for daily fantasy baseball. This is an exclusive partnership for SBN, and FanDuel brings the opportunity for baseball fans to showcase their knowledge against folks from around the country to see who is the smartest (or even luckiest) when it comes to the fantasy world.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have been given a bit of money to try out FanDuel and promote their product, but the good folks at the company provide a fantastic daily fantasy experience and that would be true regardless. For how to play and to make sure your state allows legal participation, please click here.

Now, FanDuel has provided a quick video to explain how their site works:

We will be bringing you FanDuel-related content throughout the season, and to put things plainly, this should be a lot of fun. Stay tuned.