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Mallex Smith exits debut with cut above eye

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Well, it was fun for a bit. Mallex Smith is currently day-to-eye with a laceration on his forehead

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Mallex Smith, you were too good for this world...

...ok, its not that serious. Mallex was having himself a fine debut. He had reached on an infield single and scored from first on a double. Then, he reached base again on a fielder's choice, but that's is where the fun ended. While trying to steal second, Mallex's helmet bounced off the ground and cut him which caused him to exit the game.

The worst part: Mallex was caught stealing on the attempt. While he was bleeding a good bit from the wound, fans shouldn't be too worried. The Braves inexplicably planned to sit Mallex against a lefty tomorrow and usually cuts don't result in long absences. For now, though...we are Mallex-less.