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Braves to call up RHP Joel De La Cruz, DFA Ramirez

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Calling up Hunter Cervenka is an very understandable call for the Braves needs. The other bullpen move on the other hand...

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Braves already called up Hunter Cervenka today and has a clear role as a lefty specialist with a chance of being a contributor in the bullpen for the forseeable.

However, the Braves had to make more changes and those are a little more difficult to understand.

DFA'ing Jose Ramirez was understandable given how, well, not good he has been this year. Ramirez has a 27.00 ERA in two games (6 earned runs total) and has yet to find the command he will need to harness his considerable talent.

However, calling up Joel De La Cruz from Gwinnett is considerably less than exciting. A minor league journeyman with a career minor league ERA north of 4 doesn't seem like a recipe for success. He did not look great in his only appearance with Gwinnett so its possible this is a very short-term move until other candidates emerge in the minors.