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April 10th Game Thread: Braves vs. Cardinals

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The Braves looked bad Saturday. They look to rebound and get their first win on Sunday.

The Atlanta Braves have not inspired confidence at all in their first four games, dropping all four. However, Saturday's 12-2 drubbing to the St. Louis Cardinals is the first time that the Braves let the game get our of control. It's been said that a team looks a lot worse when they cannot catch the ball, and the Braves -- for lack of a better phrase -- have not been very good at catching the ball so far.

Williams Perez makes his season debut for the Bravos today, opposite Adam Wainwright. Sound like a mismatch? Yes. But it's baseball, and anything can happen. Take this thread as your avenue to pull the Braves through for their first win (or bemoan a losing effort).

Here are today's lineups: