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FanPost Friday: A look at spring training stats, possible upgrades, and prospect scouting reports

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The final Friday of spring training has arrived, and what better way to celebrate this landmark by taking a look at some of the more interesting FanPosts that you all have to offer!

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Welcome to another edition of FanPost Friday here at Talking Chop, and I promise you, there are no wacky or wonky links in this week's edition. I know what date the calendar says, and we're not going to mess with you with any type of pranks or phony stuff. I mean, I did hear a tasty rumor about the Braves possibly trading Freddie Freeman and John Coppolella's right arm in exchange for a bunch of prospects from the Washington Nationals' farm system, but that's neither here or there. The point is that this is FanPost Friday, and it's time to focus on what you guys have been cooking up this week over in our FanPost section.

Jackgray64 takes a look at interesting spring training stats

A week from now, I'm pretty sure that nobody will care about stats like Mallex Smith managing to lead the Braves in slugging percentage, Arodys Vizcaino having a K/9 of 16.5, or Jeff Francoeur walking a grand total of four times. None of this will matter once the games actually start counting, but it's still fun to look at, right? Jackgray64 gave us a look at what he figured were some of the most interesting statistics that the Braves managed to compile during the exhibition games. Again, the stats may not mean much once the regular season starts, but it's still interesting to analyze as we reach the end of spring training.

BeauKesterton believes the Braves' offense will be improved

Since it appears as if the Braves are done making major changes to their squad for the time being -- or at least until another team comes calling with a solid trade proposal -- BeauKesterton decided to go down the list of position players and compare them to what the Braves were running out on the field last season. There's a decent chance that the team has upgraded, but will it be enough for the Braves to have an offense that is just decent instead of being flat-out bad?

BigGentleBen's offseason scouting reports of prospects

In case you may have missed this going on all offseason, biggentleben has been doing scouting reports of all of the notable prospects that the Braves currently have in their currently talent-rich system. If you want more info on guys like Sean Newcomb, Dansby Swanson, Ozzie Albies, Touki Toussaint, and other exciting prospects, then this is the link for you since you'll have plenty to read and digest.

There you have it for this week, folks. As usual, don't hesitate to turn any extended takes you might have on the Braves into a FanPost. That's why it's there!