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Atlanta Braves news and links: Swanson and Albies will play together today

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If you're excited about the potential double play tandem of Dansby Swanson and Ozzie Albies, then today is going to be a really good day for you.

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Braves kick off Grapefruit League campaign with tie vs. Orioles

It's March now, which means that actual spring training games are here! That means that after a long winter, we finally got to see (or hear, since it was on radio) all sorts of Braves players in action. From regulars like Freddie Freeman, to newcomers like Erick Aybar, and young prospects like Mallex Smith, Rio Ruiz, and Ozhaino Albies, a good chunk of the Braves spring training squad was able to take the field. Still, I'd imagine that it was pretty crowded in the dugout and bullpen.

These two teams are going to do it again today at 1 PM EST.

Orioles talked to Braves about taking back Markakis

Speaking of the Orioles, they're in the market for an outfielder after Dexter Fowler spurned them in order to stay with the Cubs. As such, Peter Gammons reported on Twitter that the O's called the Braves about bringing Nick Markakis back to Baltimore via trade. The Braves decided not to deal the 31-year old outfielder, but with the way the Braves have been wheeling and dealing as of late, there's always a possibility that Markakis could be headed out of town if the Braves get the right call from the Orioles or anybody else. If you want to see what our friends over at Camden Chat thought about the trade talks, then take a look here at what they had to say.

Swanson and Albies will play together at some point today

If you're like me and you're excited about the potential future double play partnership of Ozzie Albies and Dansby Swanson, then you'll be in for a treat today. Fredi Gonzalez has stated that the two infield prospects will play together today. Be still, my heart.

"Barring any crazy stuff, Albies and Swanson will play together tomorrow," Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said after Tuesday’s 10-inning tie in the Grapefruit League opener against the Orioles. "Maybe start Swanson at shortstop and Albies at second tomorrow, and then let them flip-flop a little bit."

Bleed Cubbie Blue gives quick thoughts on Braves

The good folks over at Bleed Cubbie Blue are doing their annual "Know Your Enemy" series, in which they go through all of the teams that they're scheduled to face during a long, hard campaign of baseball and give their fans a quick idea of what to expect from each team. Yesterday was the Braves' turn, so if you've been living under a rock all winter and want a quick primer on the 2016 Braves, then this is where you need to go.


Aroldis Chapman gets 30-game suspension via domestic violence policy

When the Yankees acquired former Reds reliever Aroldis Chapman, they had to have been well aware of the possibility that the flamethrowing reliever would see some time on the sidelines since he was in the midst of a domestic violence case. That possibility has turned into a reality, as MLB has suspended Chapman for 30 regular season games under baseball's domestic violence policy. Chapman didn't appeal the suspension, which actually may have helped knock 10-15 games off the suspension.

Rockies are raising the fences in parts of Coors Field

The Colorado Rockies suffer from one of the biggest disadvantages in all of baseball -- playing home baseball games at high altitude. This has proven to be an inherent disadvantage for the team, and as such, they're trying to find any possible way to make it even a little bit easier on their pitchers. So, the Rockies have decided to raise the outfield fences in a couple areas of the outfield.

In right-center field, extending from the manual scoreboard all the way past both home and visiting bullpens, the outfield fence will be raised eight feet. In the left field corner, from the foul pole extending to the first section of left field seating, the fence will be raised five feet.

"Armed with 23 years of statistics to evaluate, we are in a position to make this change, in a measured and educated way," Rockies GM Jeff Bridich said in a release sent to media on Tuesday morning. "We are continually evaluating every aspect of our game, on and off the field, and this fence adjustment comes from that evaluation. Every change we make to our process, our field of play or our team, is with the goal to be more competitive as a result."