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Freeman's departure due to top of hand, not wrist

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A potential crisis averted. Phew. Don't scare us like that, Freddie!

All grins from here on out (hopefully)
All grins from here on out (hopefully)
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Braves country went a bit frothy-at-the-mouth yesterday after Freddie Freeman pulled himself out of a Spring Training game with discomfort somewhere in his right hand/wrist region, which is the same wrist that caused him to miss about six weeks of games last season and kept him from facing overhand pitching until a few weeks ago.

However, that frothing can cease for the time being, as it turns out that the precautionary departure was due to some pain in the top of Freeman's hand, rather than the problematic wrist. (Read more about this from Dave O'Brien here.) In Freeman's own words:

I just had a little (pain) on the check swing — it was not my wrist, it was just the top of my hand. I was trying to be overly cautious. I felt something, so I kind of pulled myself out of the game just to make sure. I came in and they worked on it for 10 minutes and I was right back in the cage to test it out, and I was completely fine. Everything is good. There’s no problem with my wrist.

Freeman's wrist is a bit of a tenuous situation: he certainly appears to be swinging the bat fine and not showing any potential linger effects or symptoms of playing hurt, but wrist issues can be tricky for hitters, and can often cause declines in overall hitting and especially power production long after they've been suffered. Still, Freddie Freeman has been absolutely killing it in his Spring Training appearances so far: he's reaching base nearly two-thirds of the time, and has three extra-base hits (two homers, one double), compared to just five outs made.

(For a wealth of information on wrist injuries and the like, see the awesome work here.)

Freeman isn't in the lineup for today's tilt against the Nationals, but should be back in there tomorrow (Sunday). Hopefully he suffers no more injury scares.

Also, just in case you can't get enough of the guy, see him talk about the whole shebang below.