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What grade would you give the Braves for their offseason?

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We've reached the end of the Hot Stove season, so it's time to take inventory of what the Braves have done so far. What grade would you give them for their efforts during the winter?

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If you're reading this and you're in the Atlanta area, it may be hard to believe what I'm about to say considering that there are swirling winds and snow flurries all over the place right now, but we are getting dangerously close to Spring Training. In fact, by the end of next week, Braves pitchers and catchers will be in the Orlando area as they begin to officially prepare for the regular season. Even though the expectations for the 2016 Braves are what they are, it's still pretty difficult to not be excited about the mere prospect of baseball coming around once again.

I said all of that to say this: The offseason is basically over. Granted, the Braves have proven that they're willing to wait until the eleventh hour to keep on making moves before Opening Day, but as far as Hot Stove season is concerned, we've reached the end of this particular part of the baseball calendar. We're about to hear the familiar sounds of leather popping and wood cracking. Good times are ahead.

So, this seems like as good of a time as any to gauge how everybody is feeling about the Braves' offseason so far. Immediately after the season ended, I wrote about three (somewhat vague) goals that the Braves had to accomplish as far as the major league team was concerned. Those goals were to shore up the bullpen, add a veteran arm to the rotation, and add a "big" bat to the lineup.

When it comes to the bullpen, the Braves brought back both Jim Johnson and "OG" David Carpenter, among others. Combine that with both Jason Grilli and Shae Simmons hopefully making successful recoveries from injury, and the bullpen should see some sort of improvement from last season. Now, it won't be difficult to improve upon rock bottom, but we will see improvement and that has to count for something.

The Braves did add a veteran arm to their rotation, as they signed Bud Norris to a deal. He's probably the only one of the Braves' starting pitching acquisitions from this offseason that figures to have a starting rotation spot sewn up, since other signings like Kyle Kendrick, and possibly Jhoulys Chacin are going to be battling for spots this Spring on minor league deals. So, even though the Braves did make a veteran addition to their rotation, this is still going to be an extremely young rotation, so it'd be wise to expect some bumpy patches as the team embarks on this path.

The "big bat" didn't come, but we are going to see some new faces in the form of Ender Inciarte, Erick Aybar, Tyler Flowers, Gordon Beckham, and an 'old' face in the form of Kelly Johnson. You can put a lot of labels on those players, but "big bat" isn't one of them. So, if you're expecting offensive fireworks from anybody in this crew, you'd be sadly mistaken. However, when you consider the mode that the team is in, we probably weren't going to see this happen unless a big-time offensive hitter came crawling to the Braves and offering to play for peanuts -- like, literally a bag of peanuts. Peanuts are not a valuable form of currency in our society, so this was never going to happen. When you take that into consideration, the Braves may have lived up to expectations when it comes to this particular objective.

While the Major League side of things is a bit underwhelming, I've always contended that the reason for optimism lies on the farm. The Braves did an incredible job of shoring up the minor league system over the offseason, and it's to the point where the organization has gone from bottom-tier to top-tier in relatively quick fashion. No prospect is a sure thing, but the Braves have attacked this theory by getting as many highly-regarded prospects as they can. Sometimes a "can't-miss prospect" will miss, but if the Braves can get a few prospects who actually live up to expectations, then it'll make the venture worth it.

So, now that we've taken both the minor and major league outlook into consideration, it's time to give the Braves' front office a grade for the offseason. Also, this could represent how you're feeling about the organization's direction in general. Do you think that the grand rebuild is going in the right direction? Do you think there needs to be a shift in direction? Do you think that this thing is heading towards an iceberg and it's too late? Go ahead and make your voice heard in the poll and tell everybody what you think.