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Atlanta Braves news and links: Kevin Seitzer is "starting from scratch" in 2016

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Kevin Seitzer feels like he made progress with plenty of Braves in 2015. Unfortunately for him, there's a lot of upheaval on the Braves roster, which means that he'll almost be starting from scratch in 2016.

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Introducing the Talking Chop Podcast

Hey y'all, we've got a podcast! Brad and Carlos have brought us back into the podcasting world, and you can expect to hear from everybody here on staff from time to time, with those two fine fellas leading the way for us. If you haven't given it a listen yet, go ahead and do so. It's Monday morning, not like you've got anything else important going on. Work? Psh.

New season, new challenges for Kevin Seitzer

Braves hitting coach Kevin Seitzer received rave reviews from his pupils on the Braves' roster last season, as many of the players felt that they were making progress as hitters -- even if the production didn't seem to indicate it. With that being said, most of the players who gave him props are now gone, and he'll be dealing with a ton of new faces, which almost makes it as if he's starting from square one again. The hope here is that maybe some players will be staying around so that he'll be able to have a lasting effect on the players.

Are the Braves still sticking with their plans for a new Spring Training complex?

A while back, the Braves appeared to be in agreement with officials in St. Petersburg to build their new, lavish Spring Training complex in the Toytown area of town. However, a consortium  with concerned parties recently had a meeting, and one group of people was missing from this meeting: The Braves. So, are they still planning on moving their Spring Training home to Toytown?

Are the Braves still part of the ambitious project to build a spring training facility and amateur sports complex on the 240-acre former Pinellas County landfill?

"I honestly don't know," said Joe Lauro, the county's director of purchasing.

If the Braves have pulled out, it would be a quiet backing-away from the club's announcement in September that it was a partner in LeClair's project, which sent a tremor through Major League Baseball and local politics.

The club's plan asked for up to $10.5 million in annual bed tax revenue, which would have put a serious, perhaps fatal, dent in any plan to keep the Tampa Bay Rays in Pinellas County. If the Braves got that money for their facility, little if anything would be left for a new Rays stadium or any other team.

David Lee begins ranking Braves prospects

There have been plenty of Braves prospect rankings this Winter within our lovely little blogosphere. We've done our series, our friends at the Braves General Store recently came out with rankings, and now David Lee of the Augusta Chronicle is kicking off his prospect ranking series. If you've read Lee's work, then you know that this is going to be quality material, so definitely check it out.

Beyond the Box Score takes a look at Julio Teheran's struggles with lefties

Last season, Julio Teheran had some big-time struggles at times, with most of his pain coming from left-handed batters who seemingly feasted on him at certain points. That led to Teheran having a somewhat underwhelming campaign in 2016, and he'll definitely be looking to bounce back from it.

He became predictable, and Major League hitters realized the pattern. That isn’t the only reason for his pitching woes last season, but it is the most notable. Teheran was basically in line with how he had thrown against righties thus far in his career, meaning that, in some respects, most of his overall struggles were derived from how southpaws hit him.

Breaking down his season further, he did try to make an adjustment. On August 2nd, a start in Philadelphia, Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell moved Teheran from the 3rd base side of the rubber to the 1st base side.


Freddy Garcia retires from baseball

Former Braves pitcher Freddy Garcia has officially called it a career after he and Braves bullpen coach/Tigres de Aragua manager Eddie Perez fell short against Mexico in Sunday's Caribbean Series final. Garcia spent 15 years as a Major Leaguer, and his most memorable moment as a Brave came when he was forced to make a start in Game 4 of the 2013 NLDS against the Dodgers. The vast majority of the fanbase was in a panic due to this, but Garcia tried his best to calm everybody's nerves by declaring that he'd "just make pitch," and he definitely put forth an admirable effort in that game.

Royals Review takes a shot at realignment

Apparently there are rumors that MLB is considering expanding to 32 teams. Naturally, this would have to result in the league going through a bit of realignment in order to make sure that the National League and American League kept their balance. Our friends over at Royals Review came up with an idea: 8 divisions, 4 divisions in each conference, and 4 teams in each division. If you want to check out the rest (which includes the Braves moving to the American League. Gross), then go ahead and give it a look.