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Introducing the Talking Chop Podcast

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If our articles annoyed and bored you... well, we're about to compound that problem by getting right into your ears.

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Happy Saturday everyone.

Along with the Talking Chop staff, I'm extremely excited to bring you the first episode of the Talking Chop Podcast. This has been in the works for a while now, and with pitchers and catchers set to report to Spring Training in about two weeks, we figured now was as good a time to start as any. After all, just like Major League players, we've got some kinks to straighten out and some rust to rub off.

This is a new venture for us here at Talking Chop, and although we've had various renditions of a podcast on the site before — shoutout Capitol Avenue Club, RIP — it's a Brave new world for yours truly, along with many of the other fine folks who will be joining us along the way.

I'm especially excited to have Brad Rowland in the passenger's seat* with me, as we do have a history of talking about sports together and then forcing that out onto you wonderful people of the internet.

The plan is for us to record once a week, and while our debut episode is coming out on a Saturday I'm not going set that day of the week in stone, as we'll be ironing out the particulars along the way. While Brad and myself will be hosting the podcast on a regular basis, the plan is to have members of the Talking Chop staff rotate through the podcast to get as many different perspectives and areas of expertise as possible. Another nice thing this will do is allow readers to get to know the people who are responsible for making this site what it is on a daily basis.

Lastly, we welcome and encourage any and all feedback that you have to offer us. Got a question that you think we should address? Ask it. Want us to cover a certain topic or player? Tell us what or who it is. Think we're doing a terrible job? Take it up with Brad.

Welcome to the Talking Chop Podcast:

In this episode, Carlos and Brad discuss the Braves' offseason so far, give their grades for it and then wonder who's going to be in Atlanta's starting rotation on Opening Day.

*Driver's seat.