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Braves GM John Coppolella Did Another Twitter Q&A Today

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As a follow up to the Q&A he did earlier this offseason, Braves GM John Coppolella did another one today and his responses gave some insight in to what the state of mind is in the Braves front office.

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John Coppolella has had a very busy and, at times, tumultuous first official offseason as the general manager of the Atlanta Braves. After the trade of popular shortstop Andrelton Simmons, Coppy had a rocky public relations battle in selling the move (and others) to the fan base and at times appeared to be very defensive.

However, in the wake of the Shelby Miller trade which was universally lauded and the previous Twitter Q&A where he was engaging and very informative, the PR campaign for Coppy has been on the uptick of late and he decided to do another Q&A today starting at 1 PM.

We are not going to cover EVERY question that Coppy answered in the Q&A, but are going to cover a good bit of them as they showed several sides of him during its course.

First, Coppy certainly showed that, contrary to the belief of some corners of the fan base and the internet, he does have a sense of humor, including about himself.

Coppy did mention his thoughts about Dansby Swanson and the prospect crop general that the Braves have assembled (in addition to his professed love of Austin Riley as seen above). Coppolella seems to be very high on Dansby as well the young stable of arms the Braves have assembled, with many of them possibly seeing time with the Braves this season.

In particular, Coppolella further put to rest the idea that either Dansby Swanson or Ozzie Albies were going to switch positions and play at the same level to get each other acquainted with being the double play combination of the future. The Braves are content with letting Ozzie develop at a reasonable pace and not accelerating his development too much just because of the presence of Dansby in the system.

There were several trades that the Braves made during the offseason and Coppy did touch on those during the Q&A. It was certainly interesting to see that he didn't feel like the Braves had sold low on former catcher Christian Bethancourt despite the fact that the player they got in return, Casey Kelly, has not been highly regarded for some time.

Coppolella also provided some insight in to what the Braves are looking to do in the near future in terms of the acquisitions and the draft. We have heard for some time that they would prefer to draft a college bat with the 3rd overall pick if it made sense and in this Q&A, he did not include the best player available caveat that had been included previously. This makes players like Corey Ray, Buddy Reed, and Kyle Lewis very likely possibilities. He also noted the lack of depth in the minors at the catching position.

He also provided some insight in to what to expect from 2017 SunTrust Park both in terms of revenue/payroll but as well as whether it was expected to benefit hitters more. While many of us are in the "I will believe it when I see it" camp in terms of increasing payroll, its nice to at least see the Braves front office take a hard stance on what fans should expect.

There were, of course, several questions about the newest special instructor for the Braves, Andruw Jones, that provided an idea of what role Andruw will have going in to 2016. In particular, it was nice to see the development of Ronald Acuna and a focus on international signees being included in these answers.

Finally, Coppy gave some insight in to his thought process/state of mind going in to 2016. While he certainly didn't promise a playoff run (because that would be silly), he certainly does seem optimistic about the team's chances next season and has his eyes on third base and the bullpen as areas of interest given what could transpire this spring and the various players the team has acquired this offseason.

There were a lot more questions that Coppy answered (he was actually very prolific this go-around), so you should check out the Braves official Twitter account if you want to recap all of them. However, as one final nod to those who are convinced the Braves will trade anyone that isn't nailed to their locker, Coppy insisted yet again that there is one player who will not be going anywhere

It appears as though Coppy could end up doing these Q&A's pretty regularly, which certainly can't hurt. With next season having the strong potential of being difficult for Braves fans, that he is continuing to reach out to the fan base can't hurt his image with fans and help sell the current direction of the franchise to the public.