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MLB Weekly Wrap: No facial hair makes you play better?

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The Miami Marlins implemented a no facial hair policy for this season. What's the point?

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

When Samson lost his hair, his strength vanished.

I guess the Marlins hope that their players will experience the opposite effect this season. New Miami manager Don Mattingly has adopted a no facial hair policy, effective immediately. This means guys like Jose Fernandez and Mike Dunn -- two guys most of us have never seen without a beard or goatee -- will be baby-faced this year.

This seems just weird.

Mattingly sported a mustache in his playing days, even though the New York Yankees have long had grooming rules. As manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, he didn't seem to mind what his players allowed to grow on their faces.

I get it. The Marlins haven't been very good the last few years, and the organization is trying to do whatever it can to begin fostering a winning culture. But this is 2016. You cannot seriously believe that banning facial hair will provide the discipline a player needs or prove the maturity that a ballplayer has.

Maybe it will work out for Miami. It just seems unnecessary, and a lot of attention is being devoted to something silly as opposed to on-the-field work, which is an area the Marlins have struggled with the past few years, to say the least.

But isn't it nice to finally have some real baseball to talk about? The teams have arrived to Spring Training, and there is an abundance of news and notes coming out of Major League camps each day. I probably don't speak for all of us, but the battle for those last few roster spots on each team is always fun. And especially in the Braves situation, where there are over 70 guys in camp, there are a lot of opportunities for the team beat writers to tell of these underdog stories.

So get excited for the season, because it's almost here. Even if your favorite team -- which, for most of you, should be the Braves -- is probably not going to contend this year, everyone starts 0-0.