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Talking Chop Mailbag, February 19

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Have any questions, comments or concerns that you want addressed on the Talking Chop Podcast? Here's your chance to be heard — literally.

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If you haven't heard, we've recently started up a Talking Chop podcast. It's been a fun first few weeks, but we are always trying to improve the experience for all of you and make the podcast better each time we record it.

Because of that, we're going to start implementing a mailbag segment on the show, where we address questions and comments from the community. It's been something that we've thought about doing from the start, and with demand from you guys in the comments section already, there's no need to hold off any longer.

While we are going to be using the feedback we get on the podcast, we likely won't be able to address every single one, so you can think of this as a general mailbag forum for the site as well. I love popping in on the comments sections and we all know Ivan lives there, so feel free to throw anything out that you're curious about.

This week, Brad and I will welcome our very own prospect guru, Eric Cole, on the show. We'll get his opinions on the farm system and also talk about the latest happenings in Spring Training. So if you have any questions about the farm system, specific players, or even non-Braves-centric questions that you want Eric, Brad or myself to address, then by all means, fire away.

We'll try and do this every Friday — we record the podcast Sunday nights — so there will be a few days for everyone to chime in.