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Fangraphs ranks the Braves/Diamondbacks trade as the best transaction of the offseason

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Dave Cameron of Fangraphs recently ranked his top 10 transactions of the Braves offseason, and -- surprise, surprise -- the Braves trade with the Diamondbacks is at the top of the list.

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Despite the fact that the Braves are more-than-likely destined for a pretty rough 2016 season, the team has received nearly universal praise this offseason for what they've done to set themselves up for beyond 2016. The Braves made two really big trades that sacrificed the major league team's strength but gave their minor league system a rocket boost of mammoth proportions, and both of those trades ended up making Dave Cameron's of Fangraphs list of The Best Transactions of the 2016 Offseason.

The Braves made their first appearance on the list at #7, though Cameron believes that the Angels probably got the better of the deal. It's mostly due to the fact that he doesn't seem to be extremely high on Sean Newcomb. To be fair, most prospects have a decent amount of risk attached to them, and even though Newcomb has received high marks, he's still considered "high-risk," so having a bit of skepticism when it comes to a prospect like Newcomb does make some sense.

With that being said, high reward could potentially come with high risk, so that obviously makes this deal worth it from the Braves perspective -- but there's also the fact that Andrelton Simmons is, well, Andrelton Simmons. His bat is mediocre-to-poor, but his defensive skills are on the level of (and nearly exceeding) the legendary Ozzie Smith. There's no question that the Angels upgraded at shortstop, and as much as we've got our eyes to the future, present-day results still count very much, and it's safe to say that the Angels got a decent deal here, but the Braves definitely still got a solid haul from Andrelton Simmons.

The Braves second appearance on this list came at #1, and while there's an argument/debate to be had about who will potentially get the better of the Angels/Braves deal, there is absolutely no question as to who got the better of the Braves/Diamondbacks trade. I'll let Dave Cameron explain it here (though I highly recommend that you read the rest of his explanation [and the rest of the article as well])

Inciarte and Blair for Miller would have been something like a fair swap on its own. Or, separately, maybe the Braves requesting Swanson straight-up for three years of Miller could have been justified as a reasonable asking price, given the risky nature of prospects. But to somehow land all three players in the deal? It’s still remarkable, even a couple of months later. Inciarte probably offsets almost all of the lost value the team gives up in 2016 by not having Miller on the mound, and it’s not unreasonable to think Blair could be pitching in Atlanta this summer, so it’s possible that the Braves actually improved their 2016 record by making this deal. Except they get two additional years of control on the big leaguer they acquired, plus whatever Blair turns into, and a top-20 prospect who could be their franchise shortstop beginning in 2017.

This was the deal that sent the Braves offseason from being "okay" to "NEAT-O, GANG! SUPER DUPER!" status. We've already talked at length about how good this particular deal was for the Braves in both the present and long term, but it's always nice to get further confirmation of how good of a deal the Braves got here.

Obviously, the jury is still out on these particular transactions. As much as we like to pore over statistics and numbers, this is still a game that has to be played between the lines, so until they prove it on the field, definitive statements can't be made. With that being said, the Braves have definitely done a good job of setting themselves up for having the best chance of success in the future, and they've got a solid chance of making these future projections turn into reality.