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MLB Weekly Wrap: We're about to have real baseball to talk about.

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I promise. But today, there's an interesting phenomenon to chime in on.

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$400 million?


Expanded, that's $400,000,000. More money than the whole Talking Chop team will make in our entire lives combined (speaking of which, can we have a raise?).

That was the number floated in an interview with the reigning National League MVP, Bryce Harper, about his future earning potential. His response?

"Don't sell me short."

Of course he would say that. Check out Federal Baseball for that full report.

In other rumblings around the NL East, after kicking the tires on some expensive short term options, the Miami Marlins may be settling on Edwin Jackson as their fifth starter. If you recall, he was wildly disappointing in Chicago with the Cubs, and the Braves picked him up off the scrap heap last year.

In 24 games out of the bullpen, Jackson posted a 2.92 ERA. If he is healthy and past the failed expectations with the Cubs, he could be a solid piece to the Miami rotation.

There is not a whole lot going on, other than preseason prospects list being released seemingly every day. We have kept up with all information pertaining to future Braves here.

In the description of this story, I mentioned something that I wanted your help on.

A trend has stuck out to me with several players over the past few years, and it comes to light again with the Braves signing relief pitcher and past Met Carlos Torres to a minor league deal and an invite to Spring Training.

Take a look at guys like Willie Harris. He had a career-best stretch when the Braves called him up in 2007 (boy, that was a fun few months). He came back to Earth quickly, and the Nationals signed him the next year. After three years there, he was picked up by the Mets. What do these teams have in common? They are all in the NL East.

Buddy Carlyle got his big break as a Major Leaguer with the Braves. Now, he's with the Mets. The Nationals picked up former Braves reliever David Carpenter last season. They also gave Dan Uggla a shot.

It seems like interdivisional foes are more likely to sign these types of players because they are more familiar with them than someone that played in the AL West, who you just won't see very often.

Any other players like this stick out to you? Let us know what you think.

Spring Training is finally within shouting distance.