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Lazaro Armenteros still undecided with new teams in the mix, per report

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Highly sought after International Prospect Lazarito Armenteros is still not close to a decision and is reportedly weighing new offers from other teams.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Lazarito Armenteros remains undecided on when and where he might sign according to a report by's Jesse Sanchez. Armenteros was originally slated to make a decision earlier this week but that came and went with no announcement and is reportedly mulling several options. The Atlanta Braves are reportedly among teams interested in signing the 16-year old if he is willing to wait until July 2 and the new signing period.

Sanchez reports that new teams have entered the mix for Armenteros if he is willing to wait until July 2 and signing now remains an option.

There is no rush for Armenteros and a decision likely won't come soon with more teams joining the pursuit. Waiting is good news for the Braves who are hoping to make a big splash when the new international signing period opens on July 2. Still with interest ramping up, this situation seems like it is far from settled.