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MLB Weekly Wrap: Enjoying the rumors?

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Get ready, because there’s more to come!

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, most of you sit in front of your computers all day, watching your social media feed constantly update as your friends on Facebook post the newest cute video of their dog eating a piece of cake or their child singing his ABCs, and the people you follow on Twitter post that they just went for a 5-mile jog to start the day (don’t you hate those people?).

Actually, you probably don’t do that. But you still manage to hear about it when the next rumor comes flying off the MLB hot stove.

Where is third baseman Justin Turner going to land? How much money will closer Mark Melancon garner in free agency? Will the White Sox deal ace Chris Sale? Will the Rays ship off Chris Archer?

The best rumors are when “Player X has drawn trade interest.” This actually does not mean that the team is looking to deal a player, nor does it mean it has any intention to. But people seem surprised that other organizations would be interested in a player after he hits .340 with 45 home runs the season before.


But the Winter Meetings commence this week in Washington, D.C. In other words, the rumor mill is about to be accelerated as general managers discuss ways to improve their respective teams with other GMs. As for the Braves, be on the lookout as to whether John Coppollela sits down for lunch with the next GM he’s about to fleece.

In nostalgic news, it’s good to see Carlos Beltran return to the Houston Astros, the team that he led to the doorstep of the World Series in 2004 with a phenomenal postseason, after being acquired midseason.

(Warning: there are some not-so-good Braves highlights in here.)