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Talking Chop 2016 fanpost roundup

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A year of excellent community content.

MLB: Washington Nationals at Atlanta Braves Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

As the year draws to a close, we here at Talking Chop thought it would be great to look back at the top-notch content the community has provided to Braves fans in the form of fanposts. The Braves themselves did not have a particularly good season, but that didn’t do much to kill the enthusiasm and creativity of the Talking Chop community when it came to showcasing original research or providing fun topics for discussion.

With that said, here are some of our favorite fanposts and series over the course of the year:

  • The Final 2015-2016 Community Prospect List - while now somewhat outdated, it’s always fun to look back and see what the community thought of all of the Braves’ prospects, all before John Coppolella went and upended everything with a bunch more prospect acquisitions immediately thereafter, and continued to do so over the course of the season.
  • Regressed Platoon Splits for the 2016 Braves (Pre-2016 Season) - thoughts on lineup construction and hitter quality for the 2016 Braves by wunderbar content producer BravesRays. As the 2017 season draws closer, this could be a great exercise to undertake once again.
  • Pick the Final 3 Spots of the (2016) Rotation - something that will probably not happen in 2017, a fun look back on when there were myriad rotation questions to decide. The post is straightforward enough, but the discussion it generated was great.
  • An in-person Spring Training report - from community member DD27, these sorts of posts are always excellent for folks who can’t manage to get to games, especially Spring Training Games, themselves.
  • A review of MLB roster rules - from community member / errata guru Cornutt, a very useful resource for the labyrinth of arcana otherwise known as MLB transaction / roster rules.
  • Five Bold Predictions - in what is hopefully becoming a TC tradition, community members were asked to make five bold predictions that would stick around for evaluation by posterity. This post also summarizes the best and worst predictions from when this exercise occurred prior to the 2015 season. Get your engines revving for the 2017 edition, which is sure to happen sometime soon. The post-mortem of these predictions is available here.
  • The Waiting before the Call Up! - just a very special post for both the Braves and Talking Chop communities. Click and enjoy.
  • Replay Review Has Killed the Braves - But Why? - if you wanted to know anything about the Braves being destroyed by replay review for the first ten weeks of 2016, it’s all here. Data, analysis, discussion, great stuff from community member Nathaniel Edwards.
  • Julio’s Trade Value in Prospects - a quick review of the surplus value-based trade value that Julio Teheran may have, which then spawned lots of good discussion on feasible and infeasible trade scenarios including the Braves’ best pitcher.
  • What if the Braves Trade JT to Boston? - this fanpost got 535 comments. Essentially, enough said. Also, nothing gets Braves fans rushing to their keyboards than hypothetical trades with the Red Sox, I guess.
  • A post not about trading Julio Teheran - really, it isn’t. And it was much-needed at the time. Also mentions the Phoenicians, which are not a minor league team from the Phoenix suburbs.
  • Pitch comps by BravesRays - there are a whole bunch of these, and these are an awesome resource for thinking about our pitchers beyond the usual “old school” or sabermetric stats. One exists for many Braves pitchers at this point, and I imagine even more will exist as time goes on and the complexion of the Braves rotation and bullpen changes. Some of the best work that’s been done in the Fanposts of this site, ever.
  • The GBOAT (Greatest Brave of All Time) series, by Xiansheng - a little different than many other fanposts, this is a long-running series for the community to work out, once and for all, who the greatest Brave is, in voting bracket fashion. It’s nowhere near done yet, so keep your eyes peeled for a chance to wonder why Chris Johnson isn’t anywhere in this bracket once again.
  • The Most Notable 2016 Numbers for a Few Top Prospects - a neat review of some of the more unusual stats put up by members of the Atlanta farm system in 2016.
  • Let’s Turn Matt Kemp’s Defense into Offense - a great look at defensive value (or lack thereof) in the form of Matt Kemp, and the mechanism by which runs saved are considered to be equivalent to runs created with the bat. If you’re ever confused as to why folks say Matt Kemp is potentially valueless due to how bad he is on defense, this is a must-read.
  • Governors’ Cup: Game 2 - a photo recap of a playoff game in which the Gwinnett Braves participated by photographer extraordinaire and noted Paul Janish fan BubbaFan.
  • Maitan’s Debut - Braves Instructs 9-26-16 - a photo journal of potential generational talent and top Braves prospect Kevin Maitan, along with other intriguing farmhands, courtesy of Jeff Jones.
  • Why I Miss Fulton County Stadium More Than I Will Miss Turner Field - a powerful personal retrospective on the penultimate Atlanta Braves stadium from Ed Olwine. Note that no one wrote anything this moving for Turner Field...
  • Important Dates for the 2016-17 Braves Off-Season - an indispensable resource if you care about the offseason. Upload this into your Google/Outlook calendar, if you haven’t already.
  • Best Position Players Available in the 2016 Rule 5 Draft - Community member FONZY451’s awesome look at potential position player targets in the Rule 5 Draft. Of course, the Braves took a pitcher, but pretty tables with red-green shading! This was then followed up by something similar, albeit for the Mexican League.
  • 2016 TC Community Prospect List Analysis - we end this list the same way we started it, with a recap of the community prospect voting that took place over the 2016 season. Great work by praeceps93, and we look forward to Coppy once again invalidating this list through a host of prospect trades and acquisitions once again. A huge thanks for rajah for getting the ball rolling here, and to Mr. Sanchez and others for chipping in to keep it running smoothly.

Have something awesome in your noggin to share with the rest of the group? The fanpost section awaits. Just please, keep it to one rosterbation post at a time!