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Talking Chop Roundtable: What is your early prediction for the Braves in 2017?

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It is never too early for a season prediction.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Atlanta Braves Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Braves finished the 2016 season strong and have made several additions to the starting rotation. What is your early prediction for the Braves in 2017?

Scott Coleman: 162-0. In all seriousness, without knowing what other moves are coming, I’ll project 77-85. Get back to me in three months.

Demetrius Bell: As of right now, I still don’t see this as a .500 club. They’ve still got a couple of holes that would keep this team from really being a contender for a wild card spot, and until those issues are addressed -- either via acquisition or by player development -- then this is still far from being a contender for the postseason. However, this team already figures to be way more watchable than they were during the first half of 2015, which is an absolute godsend. We’re not quite at the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s within reach, and putting a decent squad on the field this season will go a big way towards reaching that light.

Ben Poplin: 75-87

Have patience. The Braves have built it and the wins will come.

Ivan: Too hard to say right now, because the roster is in flux and I expect pieces to move around. Right now, 75-87 seems like a pretty good bet, and probably where I’d set the over/under to get the most activity on either side. Given the current roster, I think 78-84 is eminently doable assuming that the prospects that make an impact in 2017 (Swanson, Albies, Smith in an expanded role) are as good as advertised or prognosticated. Centrally, though, I’d still go with 75-84 right now.

Brad Rowland: As currently constructed, I will say this is a team that should win in the mid-to-high 70’s this season. That, of course, allows for a bump into the 80’s with good fortune and a dip to the low 70’s if things go wrong. Give me 76-86… until something else happens with the roster.

Kris Willis: I’m going with 78-84. I think that if they caught a few breaks, they could flirt with the .500 mark but I think a win total in the 70s is a reasonable expectation given the way they finished and the additions they have made this offseason.