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MLB Weekly Wrap: We need baseball again

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World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Game Seven Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Scroll back up and look at that picture (I initially typed pitcher when thinking of the word picture, but either would’ve worked).

That is Aroldis Chapman, basking in the elation of his team winning the World Series. He’s not standing off to the side, pouting, because everything didn’t go his way.

He appears to be genuinely excited — which he surely is — after being one of the biggest reasons his team just won the World Series, a championship that meant so much to the city of Chicago and to Cubs fans across the country.

Chapman moved on to the New York Yankees this offseason, signing a big five-year, $86 million deal. During his introductory conference call, he questioned Cubs manager Joe Maddon’s excessive use of him during the World Series, a legitimate criticism because many of us thought the same at different points of the Series.

Chapman specifically pointed to Game 6, where he was sent out for the final inning with the Cubs holding a 7-run lead. Hindsight is 20/20, and everyone is free to believe what they want about whether Maddon should’ve preserved him or if he was right to be cautious and make sure to get the series to a seventh game.

The biggest issue is that this is a “big” MLB story.

Hopefully Edwin Encarnacion or Jose Bautista will sign with a team soon and make a franchise very happy. Brian Dozier could be on the move from the Minnesota Twins.

But stories like the Chapman one come from a need to fill the time and space until the offseason has concluded and pitchers and catchers report once again.

Enjoy the offseason!