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Ronald Acuña Is Taking Over the ABL

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With an .942 OPS - Acuña is near the top in every offensive category. Feast young beast.

Ronald Acuna

Word is quickly gaining steam around baseball about one Braves player in particular these days, a certain 18 year old out of La Guaira, Venezuela. If you are an active reader of Talking Chop we’ve discussed him non-stop throughout the season. His tools and exploits on the field this season have had him rapidly ascend through prospect rankings despite missing a large part of the season due to injury. He showcases phenomenal bat speed, a swing conducive for really hard hit balls, and now he’s starting to generate more backspin which is rewarding the Braves with homers. Add to that his superb strike zone discipline (10.5% BB%, 16.4% K% in 2016), rated as the best in the organization by Baseball America, along with a great arm, and good defensive instincts and it makes sense why Acuña is a hot ticket right now.

After being left off of many prospect lists to start the season he has worked his way into the top 10 in many, including (SPOILER, but really not) our own prospect rankings that we are rolling out tomorrow. Baseball America’s Bill Ballew had some kind words for Acuña – saying he’s a legit 15-20 homerun hitter, with a scouting report that has shades of former Braves legend Andruw Jones.

He’s now taking over Australian baseball, being dubbed as “The Answer to Everything” by his team - the Melbourne Aces.

Through 16 games he is hitting .356/.400/.542 with 6 extra base hits, and 11 stolen bases. He was the most rapid rising Braves prospect this year, and may be the most rapid raising prospect in all of baseball next year. But you all knew all of this because you read all of our pieces, right?