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Talking Chop Podcast Roundup (Oct 16-22)

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MLB: Detroit Tigers at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Talking Chop Podcast

Episode 36: Coaching Staff, 2017 Lineup and more

Brad flies solo (from an airport) and topics include Brian Snitker, Ron Washington, pitching trades, 2017 lineup and much, much more.

Fox Sports South Chopcast

Chopcast, Ep. 275: How will Braves answer 5 biggest questions this offseason?

The Atlanta Braves face a few key decisions heading into the winter, notably behind the plate and in their starting rotation. How will they address their needs? Zach Dillard and Cory McCartney weigh in on the options.

Around The Big Leagues with Grant McAuley

Postseason Fun And Braves Winter Shopping

Grant McAuley and Kyle Tait discuss the postseason action, including the new-old way of utilizing closers. They also dive into the Twitter Mailbag to answer plenty of Atlanta Braves and MLB questions.