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MLB Weekly Wrap: Braves, Cubs stay hot

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A first-place team and a last-place team are two of the hottest in baseball.

Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The regular season is just about over, but there are still a few things to be decided.

For starters, with two games remaining entering Saturday, there is still the potential for three American League East teams to make the playoffs. Baltimore sits a game clear of Toronto, who is just 12 game ahead of Detroit. Seattle technically still has a shot, and has won seven of 10. But it’s a long shot.

On the National League side, the Mets and Giants have surged to the top two spots in the wild card, with the Cardinals a game behind San Francisco.

So who will be the hottest teams as we enter the postseason? Well, that would be the Cubs, Braves, and Angels, each 8-2 in their last 10 games.

The only problem with that is the Angels and Braves were banned from even dreaming of the playoffs long, long ago. The Cubs, however, will be the only team to reach the 100-win plateau in Major League Baseball this season.

It’s also worth noting that the careers of David Ortiz, David Ross, Vin Scully, Turner Field are coming to a close. The playoffs are going to be fun, but the game of baseball will miss each of them.

Ortiz is determined to go out on a high note, homering his way to and beyond the postseason. Ross is perhaps the most heralded career backup ever, because of the impact he has on the people he works with. Check out Mike Lupica’s thoughts on Scully retiring.

Turner Field will have its last hurrah on Sunday afternoon. Somebody will soon etch their name as the final hit/homer/walk/strikeout/everything in the Braves’ home since 1997.