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Game Thread 6/12: Braves at Mets

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It's time for the Braves and Mets to link up again, and this time the three-game series will be going down in New York.

It's time for another Braves trip to New York, and this time they'll be facing off against a Mets team that's currently in first place in June. Of course, there's still a truck load of games left to be played, but it's fun to see these two teams currently in the thick of things at this juncture of the season.

Alex Wood will be tonight's starter, and while it's always nice to see Wood take the mound, it's even nicer to see Bartolo Colon take the mound because that means we get to see Bartolo Colon attempt to hit, and that's always fun to watch. Anyways, the pitchers might be the main focus of this contest, so hopefully Alex Wood will be able to make it deep into tonight's contest.

Here are the lineups:

Today's Lineups

Jace Peterson - 2B Curtis Granderson - RF
Cameron Maybin - CF Juan Lagares - CF
Freddie Freeman - 1B Michael Cuddyer - 1B
Nick Markakis - RF Wilmer Flores - SS
Juan Uribe - 3B John Mayberry - LF
A.J. Pierzynski - C Dilson Herrera - 2B
Jonny Gomes - LF Eric Campbell - 3B
Andrelton Simmons - SS Anthony Recker - C
Alex Wood - LHP Bartolo Colon - RHP

And here's more data on Colon:

Trajectory and Movement - from 01/01/2015 to 01/01/2016

Pitch Type Count Freq Velo (mph) pfx HMov (in.) pfx VMov (in.) H. Rel (ft.) V. Rel (ft.)
Fourseam 328 31.66% 91.25 -4.30 9.33 -0.81 5.88
Sinker 559 53.96% 88.19 -9.41 4.75 -1.17 5.66
Change 44 4.25% 81.98 -7.61 5.66 -1.15 5.70
Slider 97 9.36% 83.34 1.28 2.25 -1.29 5.75
Cutter 8 0.77% 88.98 -0.79 7.07 -1.10 5.72