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Huddy bests Folty, Posey homers in 4-2 win for Giants over Braves

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Mike Foltynewicz struck out eight, but Tim Hudson was a bit better, holding the Braves to one run in seven innings.

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In the battle of young flamethrower versus crafty veteran, the veteran won in the end as Tim Hudson bested Mike Foltynewicz with help from Buster Posey and his three RBI, topping the Braves 4-2.

The Braves trailed from the get-go when he who was out hit one out in the first inning for a two-run homer. After that, it was all Huddy. Tim Hudson had the ground ball working, getting 13 groundouts in seven innings. Atlanta did, however, manage a run in the third inning when Andrelton Simmons scored on an infield hit by Cameron Maybin, but that was all the Braves could muster against the former Brave. Maybin and Simmons each had two hits in the game.

Mike Foltynewicz wasn't so bad either. Folty struck out eight in 6.2 innings with just one walk. In the seventh, two of his strikeouts reached base on dropped third strikes. So he struck out three, got four outs and yet didn't finish the inning. How often does THAT happen?

Unfortunately, the eighth inning reared its ugly head again, and this time Jim Johnson was the culprit. His leadoff walk (sound familiar?) led to a pair of run-scoring hits to extend the Giants' lead to three. As it turns out, they were the difference in the game as Freddie Freeman crushed a solo homer to center in the ninth. That would've tied the game had it not been for the disastrous eighth, but instead the Braves drop to 1-4 on the road trip.

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