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Braves News and Links - 5/27

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Braves get throttled by Kershaw and the Dodgers, but end the night having acquired Juan Uribe and Chris Withrow after Callaspo has a change of heart

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Braves News

Braves get destroyed by Kershaw and the Dodgers 8-0

There isn't a whole lot of positives to take from this game as the Braves' offense could never solve Kershaw and continued to struggle against the Dodgers. While Nick Markakis went 3 for 4, Freddie Freddie struck out four times and the Dodgers use 5 extra-base hits and another tough outing from Teheran to beat the Braves 8-0.

Braves Acquire Juan Uribe and Chris Withrow after Callaspo rescinds veto

The day began with rumors that the Braves were trying to acquire Juan Uribe from the Dodgers in a deal that involved Alberto Callaspo. While it was expected to be a somewhat minor deal, it became complicated when Callaspo initially exercise his no trade rights under the CBA, effectively torpedoing the deal. However, just before game time, he had a change of heart and allowed the trade to go through. The deal sends Eric Stults, Callaspo, Ian Thomas, and Juan Jaime to the Dodgers for Chris Withrow and Juan Uribe

Chris Johnson and Terdo began rehab assignments

Both players begain rehab assignments with CJohnson's stint getting cutting short due to rain and Terdo going 2 for 4 in his first game back. The rest of the Braves minor league news was fairly uneventful, but you can find out more specifics by reading on

First look at the the Uribe trade, with the focus on Chris Withrow's Mark Bowman takes a look at the trade with a bit of attention given to how the Braves essentially traded a few non-impact, spare guys they had and acquired Juan Uribe as well as a high upside bullpen arm in Chris Withrow.

MLB News

Cueto MRI reveals inflammation but no structural damage

In what could have been a disaster for Johnny Cueto in his last season before free agency, an MRI revealed that while there is inflammation in his right elbow, there is no major damage. Cueto stands to make a whole bunch of money as one of the best pitchers on the market this next off-season if he can stay healthy

Marlins continue their soap opera -Brett Butler reassigned within the Marlins

Brett Butler, a long time minor leaguer manager and coach and former outstanding player for the Dodgers, has been reassigned from being the 3rd base coach to being the OF and baserunning coach (whatever that means). Apparently this stems from confusion over the use of signs during games in the last week or so. Nevermind that that has probably to do with the fact that the Marlins hired a guy that has managed a game above high school....just enjoy the drama that Samson and Loria have created. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Bryce Harper accidentally hits a home run at Wrigley....still pitches a fit

Bryce Harper has been on a tear of late and is starting to live up to what all of the scouts saw in him as a teenager, but only he could somehow hit a home run and be petulant about it.

Verlander nears return after simulated game

Justin Verlander has been out all season with a triceps injury, but his recovery took a big step forward as he pitched very well in a simulated game and could feasibly start his minors rehab next week