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Proposed deal involving Alberto Callaspo, Juan Uribe held up by trade veto

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Rumblings of a trade involving Alberto Callaspo and Juan Uribe have been bubbling for the past few hours, but one report indicates that it won't happen due to a trade veto.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Braves have been involved in multiple rumors with regard to a potential roster move involving Alberto Callaspo in the past few hours. These rumblings began when Callaspo was unceremoniously pulled from the starting lineup just moments before the Braves and Dodgers took the field on Monday night, and following that contest, whispers begin that Callaspo could actually land with Los Angeles as part of a trade that involved Dodgers third baseman Juan Uribe.

Now, that deal appears to be on hold.

First, Mark Bowman of reported that the two sides had lost "traction" on a potential deal.

Then, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports elaborated, citing a rule in the CBA that allows Callaspo to veto any trade he is involved in prior to June 15.

This appears to be the real sticking point, as Callaspo's free agent contract automatically creates something of a "no-trade" clause in the first few months. This helps to avoid sign-and-trade deals in MLB, but in this event, it could also lead directly to Callaspo being designated for assignment in the coming hours and days.

Details are sure to emerge, but for now, Alberto Callaspo remains a member of the Atlanta Braves.